• Sale, Income/Expense, Lease, & Construction Comps

  • Continuously Updated Transaction Data

  • Appraiser Verified Data

  • Complete Market Property Inventory

  • Analytics & Statistics

  • Private Personal Database with data importing/exporting

  • Selective Data Sharing

  • 3rd Party Data Resources & Library Center

  • User Customizable Interface

REDIComps has been servicing the Appraisal Industry for over 18 years with a time tested Platform built by and focusing specifically on the needs of the Commercial Appraiser. We provide access to verified data by Appraisers plus added resources and tools through a living data system at an exceedingly low cost.

Data Model:

  • Parcel Record; REDI seeds the System with all Real Property Parcels in the market.

  • Researched Transactions; REDI continually ID’s new Transactions and researches the Salient Data at the time of sale which carries on as a historical transaction snapshot.

  • Shared Data; Appraisers Verify Finer Salient Property Data characteristics earning points which are used for unlocking Comp Data.

  • Private Data; Hide personal and confidential data for your viewing only.




     Used for unlocking records; Earned by enriching property data in the system.

  • REDIPoints; Earn 1 Point for each blank Data Field added and verified to a property record.

  • Attachments; Earn 2 Points for each unique attachment added such as a photo, parcel map, sketch, etc.

  • Advanced Data; Earn 3 Points for each Advanced Data Field which is shared publically such as Cap Rate, Income/Expenses, Lease Data, etc.

  • Advanced Attachments; Earn 4 credits for each Advanced Attachment shared such as a Rent Roll, Lease Terms, Construction Statement, etc.

  • Comp Rating;  Receive an extra Point every time you Rate a Comp that you have unlocked.

  • Bonus Points; earn virtually limitless credits for your shared data that is ‘liked’  by others. Every time your comp is unlocked by a user, you will receive additional bonus points for the data you have already added and verified, from each buyer!


     Used for unlocking Library Resources; Purchased as needed.

  • REDILibrary; Purchased Credits are redeemable for accessing the Data and Library Resource Center which contains many 3rd party reports, analytics, and forecasts from popular data services at discounted rates.

  • Drag and Drop Data Entry; Credits may also be purchased for using the Drag and Drop Data Entry method.





‘Quick Search’ option with Map view


‘Quick Search’ option with Grid view





Complimentary REDIComps Database:

  • REDIComps Private Database plus; We provide you with a “no cost” option to use the REDIComps Technology Platform as your own Personal Private Database. This platform provides you and your company with all of the REDI Technologies including options for Data Sharing outside of the public portal with persons of your discretion, and tools to aggregate all your data to prep for report writing.

o   Here is where your unlocked Comp data, Personal Private data, Library data, and 3rd Party Resource data lives, and where you will interrelate with all your data.

o   Fully customize your REDIComps Private Database by selectively choosing and including only those data fields significant to your needs.

o   Import your own personal data, and or build up your own personal proprietary and Private Database leveraging from all of our tools and technology. When you are ready to earn credits, simply flip the switch to your already entered data for instant credit earnings.

o   Export your data for spreadsheet analysis, or to transmit the data in to your report writing software.


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